Posted by: J. Kristén Halley | June 10, 2011

too much

Okay, I have over a dozen writing projects that range from self help to screenplays and novels. I am selecting a professional grade camera to learn photography which would augment my travel wrriting.
The worst part is that I have to start by expanding my presence on the web. I have one website from yola, but I worked on it for hours only to have it come undone with the formatting.
Naturally I am looking for improved hosting. I am setting up a hub and spoke network. the HUB would be my ONLINE PROFILE and summarize my projects and talents in other areas. It would link to specified pages that gives more information about the work and a final link to another dedicated website where they cah read the treatment, story notes, excerpts, and be blown away with what I have done..I will even include this blog, oh btw, this is the very first time I have followed up with blogging. I can link it into the network and if I do it right it will be like a maze of links directing the person to stay within the network and ultimately contact me or my agent and offer me a lot of money for one of my precious projects-or send me to Mexico for a travel article on college girls on spring break in Cancun.

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