Posted by: J. Kristén Halley | June 11, 2011

TODAY: June 11, 2011-agenda falls apart

What a day. I set out an agenda that just sounded so pretty. I sent my wife an email and laid out my day. It was going to be one full of getting things done. I was going to study for my certification as a fitnesss trainer. I was going to study my rewriting book.

I was going to work on my FSF book that I posted in fragements and random order and get it organized and looking more like a manusctipt.

I was going to spend time with the kids and get in several short workouts. I planned on listing more items on ebay-i did geet some of that done. I was going actually do some work on my rewrite on THE MEEK SCREENPLAY and finish lining up the BEATS  or megascenes for WEED and FREE MORAL ENTITIY.

I had plans on working more on develioping my hub and spoke network that gives me a very large and professional presence on the web.

I did move closer to becoming a travel writer and a travel photographer by enrolling ing two online courses with  Matador U. Interestingly enough they use  this site (wordpress) in some capacity.

It really seems that all I have been doing has been leading me toward becoming a travel writer. I have my fiction and my self help all in the pipeline. So I am a writer with a lot going on.

Since I first went to Cancun, MX for my honeymoon in 1993, I have taken nearly 50 holidays since then. I have been on six or seven cruises, out to Las Vegas a couple of times, back to mexico a half dozen more times, Turks and Caicos, The Dominican Republic, Aruba, Jamiaca,St Thomas, St Kitts, St Maarten, Antiguq, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Cozumel, the Caymens, and Orlando at least 14 times, and that doesnt even consider places within driving distance.

THat would include Philly, NYC, Toronto, CN, Niagra Falls, Lake George, Pigeon Forge Tn, the New Jersey SHore, Atlantic CIty, and the list seem infinite.

SO I am a writer who travels alot.

Now, I am p;urchasing a professional grade camera and taking courses in photograp;hy, esp travel photography.  I have even learned enough Spanish to get by in a Spanishi speaking country and am still learninging by using Pimsleur Speak and read Spanish I-III.

It all happened independently, but as an aggregagte it is leading me right into that form of writing.

That doesnt mean I am abandoning my pipeline.  On the contrary, I intend to see each and every great idea that blossomed from my head. I already know that FSF will be published becauses I have a contract, I already have an agent for my screenplay, I just need to renew my contracts.  I even have an agreemen to adapt one of my screenplays for the stage with a local production company and producer.

I need to lay it out again and this time not allow myself distractions of inferior tasks stand in the way of what I schedule to get done.  It seemed like I was online alll day answering emails.

SOOOO, tomorrow

I will enroll in the Matador U classes and buy the Canon D300 professional grade cameral.

I will study for my first ISSA quiz and look at getting my cpr online.

I will take the tele-seminar about 21 ways to rewrite a script via  Screenwriting U at 11:00AM.

I will spend half an hour learning Spanish

I will study a little about photogaphy from the cdrom course I have already loaded.

I will then  go to a hotel with my wife, enjoy a few cocktails, and then enjoy my wife.


So, subsribe and tune in to see if I can improve what I am weakest at. Organization and structure..

and with that nighty-night



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