Posted by: J. Kristén Halley | June 22, 2011


Until I got ,married to my wife j,ust over eighteen years ago, I had been to Florida maybe twice. I lived in Ohio at the time and my parents were not the sort to travel.

As I got older I moved to Pennsiylvania to go to school. Through a long, complicated chain of event I met my wife, Sue. She was no stranger to travel to say the least. In fact, when I first met her, she had just returned from her second tour of Europe. This girl, barely twenty one years old, had not only been here, there, and everywhere, she had two vacations to the other side of the world.

So, as we sat on the plane and the engines begin to fire, I was squeezing the arm rest until my knuckles were white, and I looked over at her. She was calmly  pulled a magazine out and started reading. We were about to hit heights over thrity-five thousand feet, and she couldn’t be more indifferent.  We had just got through hearing all these things to do if we crash, that I was thinking that maybe they should focus a little more about what to do when we get there safely. But, Sue ‘s indiffference to the strange sounds as the plane started slowly moving forward and then picking up speed at an alarmiing rate. My eyes werte affixed out the little porthole window watching as we moved faster and faster and then it was like nothing. We were in the air and it was nice and smooth.

On this airling, things were different. Thery were a Mexiican airline and would ramdnomly pass  out free alcohol and declare the fiesta had already started.

That was one trip I will never forget. At the resort, a man stood on a chair and poured tequilla punch doun my throat. Which  didnt’t help matters much, considering  that I was already inebriated before we ever touched down.

I stayed up late. And in my condition, I thought the money didnt look like real money.  This was an all

-inclusive resort, but I was tipping the bartender and the servants. How much, I am not sure, but I had a crowd of Mexicans standing around me to light my cigarette, get my a napkin, another drink, a shot, I must have tipped over $100 USD.

Then, I was faced with the task of finding the room without knowing the number. And ther were four main buildomgs wotj sevem f;pprs each for to wade through-where were cell phones then?  back to Cancun five or six more times, Aruba, Barbados, and a coulple of rips out to Las Vegas.

One thing is for sure “She lives to travel”

Anyway, we had a great honeymoon.. I had no idea what was in store for me from that point. I have been to the Orlando, Fl. area fourteen times.  At least six cruises,

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