Posted by: J. Kristén Halley | July 11, 2012

Where There are Thoughts, There soon will be Things

I am about to launch a revolutionary campaign on the internet to facilitate a pathway for agents, editors, and talent scouts to shop pre-screened talent.

I will be opening the flagship-ultimatly will become the home page of Komet Kreations Talent Enterprises, Inc. It is the hub site in an extensive network concentrated with creative and talented individuals from all aspects of the arts.

Membership is not guaranteed unless genuine talent is demonstrated in compliance with our requisites and standards. Quite simply, This is a marketing method designated to attract those people who are seeking genuine creative talent to bring to market. It offers them creative talent that has already been objectively screened for their convenience.

I will help agents, editors, and production companies find everything and anything they want with just one stop. A query is successful if it results in a visit to our homesite. From there, the concept sells itself.

If you have talent or even the potential to succeed in an industry that is both competitive and already flooded with talent, and you believe you are worthy to not only compete, but succeed, in your specific specialized field, then you are reading the right blog at the best time possible.

If you think you could make it in any of the following fields, you should be quick about contacting me.

Actors – Film, TV, Stage, Advertising, etc.

Writers – Fiction, non fiction, screen and stageplays, novels, self-help books, articles, poems, songs, freelance, marketing/business, short stories, memiors, etc.

Models – Runway, TV, Catalogue, marketing/business, etc.

Musicians/Singers – If you have a voice that people want to hear, Songwriters, guitar, piano/keyboard, bass, drums, etc.

Illustrators/Artists – Tattoo Art, Painting, Digital renderings, portraits, etc.

Photographers – If you can see art through the lense of a camera, we can help you.

I am giving notice to anyone that wants to get discovered to complete an application and fulfill the required standards, then soon your presence on the internet will grow expotentially.

It is the future. An undiscovered talent will remain just that, undiscovered, unless they expand their presence on the internet significantly. You want your face and bio on a site that will have a lot of the right kind of traffic.

Komet Kreations Talent Enterprise, Inc. will soon be everywhere. We already have a very impressive literary showcase that can fill the needs of virtually any kind of agent, editor, or talent manager.

Volumes of prospective sources will be made available to members, and Komet Kreations will automatically query for you by announcing every new member we accepted.

For those who take action at this stage will be rewarded with a one time set up fee of $14.99 and only $4.99 per month. Those fees will be frozen for two years for qualified talent who expresses interest before the site opens. FYI, you will not be charged a penny before the service starts.

You can qualify simply by contacting me and expressing your interest. I, or someone speaking on my behalf, will be happy to discuss the details and explain how this is a huge step forward in your career.

Email, or reply to this blog if you are curious. If you are an agent, filmmaker, editor, or talent manager please use the email only.

Thank you.


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