Posted by: J. Kristén Halley | July 18, 2012


Non fiction projects

I had someone reply to my post on the IRONMAGAZINE Forum.  He/she said something like this.

I am very overweight.  I get winded climbing stares or doing the simplist tasks…I feel like I could drop dead tomorrow.

I found his words very concerning and replied with the following post:

  1. Manipulate your beliefs

I can help you. I have felt the same way. Let me start by telling you that my approach or philosophy is guaranteed to work. You will soon experience a feeling of liberation like you have never felt before.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. It starts with your thinking. In the few short sentences you wrote, I read enough to expose your mind as the central culprit in keeping you in chains. You are dwelling on what you don’t want. You don’t want to be unhealthy. Therefore your mind authored your comment. You do not want to be invisible in…

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