Posted by: J. Kristén Halley | July 25, 2012


Helicopter view approaching a military base.  ALVOID LEE HATFIELD or 1ST SGT. HATFIELD, was the lead pilot of the airborne division’s pilot squadren Charlie and Easy Company.  HOWARD BENTLEY, or STAFF SGT. BENTLEY was the number two, and lead pilot for the Fox and Delta Company pilots.  Alvoid is standing in the shade outside a housing unit.  He was alone and reading a letter. 

He smiles as he reads the letter, leaning against the structure and holding a toothpick in his mouth with his free hand. He turns when he hears voices coming.  Staff Sgt. Bentley and Private 1st Class Randy Sanders walk by him standing between in the shadows of two housing structures.  Sgt. Hatfield steps out and startles Sgt. Bentley and Pvt. Sanders as they were passing by.

He walks out and stands in front of the two subordinate soldiers, looking at Sgt. Bentley “Hey Howard, don’t hit the bottle too hard tonight, and stay on the base tonight. We are overdue for something big.  I have that feeling, boys.

Each man nod at attention as Sgt. Hatfield continues, “They will hit tonight.  I can just smell something in the air.  Smell that?

Pvt. Sanders responds, “Yes, sir. I bet they’re coming tonight.” Sgt. Bently injects, “If there is anyone in that area. They have held off, what, a whole three soldiers in three days on patrol. There isn’t anyone on that mountain”. 

Sgt. Hatfield, nods and looks away, “Well, stay on base and be ready anyway. We will be relocating to a new LZ before sunrise. LEUITENANT MELLOW gave me this.” He pulled out a map from his back pocket and unfolds it.  “They are here, and we are taking them over there.  “Isn’t that Laos, sir?”  Sgt. Hatfield responds, “Does it matter? It’s all fucking jungle and mountains.”

“Well… ALvoid, sir, we kind of had dates in the village, if you know what I meant” Sgt. Bentley replies. “Is it official for us to stay on base?” Sgt. Hatfield starts to shake his head, “C’mon Alvoid, we’ve already paid with no refunds?

Alvoid, scratches his chin.  Sgt. Bentley continues, “We won’t be gone an hour.” “Yea, then we’ll be right back. Plus, we can hear the alarm from the village.” Pvt. Sanders claims as Sgt. Bentley turns and glares at the Private, for letting Alvoid know that. 

Sgt. Hatfield is still reluctant to let them go. Pvt. Sanders interjects, “We already paid, sir, please.’

“You two fucking disgust me, you know that?”  He smiles as he turns away from the men.  They both smile and start to leave. “Make sure to get your asses back here if you hear anything coming from this base, got it?”

“Yes, sir.” both answer together.  They disappear behind a gate while alvoid opens up the flap of cloth hung in the entrance of his units’ quarters.  He is greeted by a heavy, thick cloud of smoke.


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    • I am very thankful for your thoughtful and kind words. I took a course that use Word Press for student blogs. I have no clue how it happened, but I posted off-topic for a travel writing course, and it seemed like a subliminal message was attached and reached so many people who proclaimed that was just the kind of information he or she had spent the day searching.

      Strange, but by the end of January, I fell behind answering comments because my pace, and the pace they were coming in had me behind by 2500 unread comments…after I collected the first few thousand names.

      I did nothing to enhance marketing. I wrote it, but I think the real secret is that I wrote it and then I published it. I figure a lot more people might find it.

      For whatever reason, I have never witnessed word-of-mouth advertising work so fast and so far.

      Thanks again…you are the first comment I have had for awhile. I know that is for my own good. I will never get my book to print and ebooks stuck in that pattern.

      Have a great day and it was so nice2,eetU. TELL BETTY I SAID HI-THE ONLY THING THAT STANDS BETWEEN HER AND ANYTHING SHE WANTS IS TIME…AND BELIEF. (feed her regular doses of sincere positive reinforcement.)

    • Thank You so much. I will keep your information and let you know when I have everything set up. I had to close down my student blog here because it spiked with reader comments and traffic. Although disappointed, I know it had to be done or I would never finish my other offline work and website network.

      I am so grateful for comments like yours that motivates me that much more. Write from the heart and somehow people will find you.

      Think Well, Be Well
      J Kris Halley

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