Posted by: J. Kristén Halley | January 25, 2013

You have found it, Kris Halley’s New Blog site 1

With the exception of what I write in regards to my broad travels, you have found a new site and new material.

This is just my way to confirm that you have one of the correct sites to read my blogs.

This site will be more intended for the fiction I have written. I have two dozen essays left over from my academc experience. It is notable that I never received a grade below an A-.

I am not boasting, only reassuring you out there who have noticed a few spelling/grammatical errors that they were bothered enough by to mention it.

My WEBSITES are still under construction and I could not be more excited. Thank you all for your support and thougtful comments that have both humbled and inspired me to levels previously unfamiliar.

Thank you

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