Posted by: J. Kristén Halley | January 28, 2013



Free-Spirit Fitness and Epiphany are books that are categorized as self-improvement. These books deliver on that expectation. It is a genuine gift, and it comes from way down deep in my heart. Love drives me to make a real contribution to the common welfare of humanity.

I humbly accept this obligation with pride and honor. I write each word of Free Spirit Fitness and Epiphany from my heart. I submit to you that with love being the facilitating force behind the text I write. It is far from being my most profitable venture, but there is nothing more noble that I can engage in and offer to the world.

My movies will entertain you. The stories of all of the adventures I have been on in my extensive travels abroad will also give you the perfect escape. While I may paint you a picture, words cannot mirror reality. So, I am coordinating pictures that go back twenty years.

In fact, photos will be pervasive in the two manuscripts, FSF, and Epiphany, as they quickly approach their release date.

Money does not factor in my motives nearly as much as I would have expected. It was your comments. They overwhelmed my limbic system, and though I was crying tears of joy, I was in a rare state that was out of composure. I cried because I know how I felt. I cried because there are so many others out there even worse off than I was, and I cried because I am that light you have given up on.

Remember, you have to go through the darkness to find the light.

Although Free-Spirit Fitness has “Fitness” right in the title, it is not all about fitness and health. You find yourself in great health, the pounds all melted away, just as a nice side-effect of living life in tune with this very simple, very elegant philosophy I came upon and merged with a few other very influential books. My personal predisposition and life experience brought about my free-spirited nature. My original manuscript reflected only my philosophy.

Although, I had an agent and it was progressing toward print, I called it off by keeping my contracts short. Thank goodness I waited.

It comes from some of the books I have read and absorbed since it was written (with the exception of the Bible). I read Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret,” “The Power,” The Art of War, About Buddhism, and several books on physics, the Law of Attraction, and the Power of thought/mind. This, along with the online courses I have taken to become a certified personal fitness trainer and the blog you first discovered is part of my online course about travel writing with matadoru. Thave all merged with my Free-Spirit Philosophy to create a hybrid view and approach to life.

It is a book intended that will show you how to use the wisdom in these books with a true spirit and attain the highest level of perfection a human has the capacity for reaching. Nothing is impossible. We must simply manipulate what you believe. Belief is the culprit for the existence of limitation and boundaries.

I call it “Happiness by Choice” because that is exactly how easy it is to be happy. Choose to be happy, believe it will be delivered, and then believe you have received it, then it arrives, right on schedule. It is as precise as any other natural law.

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