Posted by: J. Kristén Halley | August 4, 2013

What a day…

What another amazing day. It is hard for most people to understand what it means to live in a state of tranquility and peace. I have so many things to be grateful for…we all do. I have developed and still practice the essence of “Pura Vida,” the Costa Rican translation for a happy, pure life. A balance.

Look around at nature. The first thing you should see is all of the beauty that surrounds you. Take stock of yourself in small doses. Introduce your mind to the numerous variations of muscle groups. One of the first matters involved in using a free-spirit philosophy is making a connection.

Make a mind-body connection. This will plow the road to better health.

Make a mind-soul connection. This guides you to live in a social world.  This elicits new relationships.

Make a spiritual connection. I am not out to impose on what anyone chooses to believe. Spirituality is a synonym to self-talk. The internal dialogue that walks us through a plan of action commensurate to overcoming any task or obstacle we find place in our path.

Statistically, people who live with faith have a significant advantage over the atheist or agnostic. Faith spawns belief. Belief is an aggregate of subsequent chronologies, and always the original cause in every cause and effect relationship.

What kind of man speaks of the grandiose with absolute language? A man who has faith. A man who has vision. A man who can manipulate his beliefs by modifying his decisions. 

A mind opens up and suddenly you are awake…and for all that people believe about our existence, we know one thing is certain-here and now. Savor it. Can you?

I concede it is plenty easy for me to speak it, but that is because I achieve it more often than not. It is an ongoing practice for me to become aware. I seek out the things that bring me pleasure and turn from things that cause me distress.

I look for those things that appeal to me in others and focus on them. I consider it my failure if I bridge the line of losing composure. It is a high standard, but I tender forgiveness to others and myself alike. It is easy to apologize, it’s free. It takes a bigger person to resist the urge to launch a defense of your position and live in a world full of drama. Sure, you get to be right more often, but friends come and go…go…and gone.

If you have read this far and take nothing else from this article, take this to heart…Shit, I forgot, uh, wait…

That was an impromptu and somewhat pitiful attempt at humor. Crashing and burning doesn’t affect me the way it does normal people..

So, I am an author. I am about to release a three book series. I have been given a certain skill set, or gifts, that are specifically tailored to communicate a philosophy for living that when adopted has proven good in every way. Finally, I live an amazing life. I don’t even have to leave my home. At this moment, I feel wonderful. I am writing online again, and I know what is in my pipeline or cue of prewritten articles that I have been working on since 2004. 

Fiction will be my big-ticket items. Free Moral Entity will be a box office blockbuster. This is an original twist on demonic possession that may be the last real evidence that originality is not extinct in Hollywood. It and about seven other films will draw a full spectrum of movie-goers.

I felt the joy of watching my imagination play out on 30-60 second commercials and the fire will never die. But, with history with back surgery and pain/pain medicine dulled my senses more than I would have liked, but it must have been a necessity in my development.,,,


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