J Kris Halley – Creative Director – KoMeT EntERpRIseS

I am the Creative Director for the latest venue to get your undiscovered creative and artistic talents discovered and shared with the world.

We are Komet Kreations Talent Network a sister site to Komet Kreations Talent Agency and subsidiaries to Komet Enterprises.

While I was blessed with artistic abilities that virtually defines the very word, I am currently focused on writing.

On May 4th, 2004 at 2:00 AM, a sudden wave of energy jolted me awake from a deep sleep. As I sat there watching my hands tremble, I was compelled to go down to my office and open up a word document. From that point, I have been diligently working to learn my craft and writing incessantly.

As a result, I have accumulated quite an impressive library of fresh, original material.  From screen and stage plays to self-help books, and everything in between (with a focus on travel writing and photography), I am certain that I have something that will interest you, no matter what genre, budget, or arena you in, I think you will be impressed by the array of material available to you within three to four weeks.

To test the waters, I submitted one query for a screenplay titled, The Meek and gained representation on my first attempt.  The same was true when I submitted a book proposal for a self improvement book called, “Free Spirit Fitness

I have allowed both contracts to expire because I decided that I can go about breaking into this business in a different way than the traditional methods.  My motto became “I don’t want to sell you one screenplay, I want to sell you one after another.”  Or one book after another, or one article.

So, having the luxury of time and resources, I thought it wise to expand my presence on the internet.  I would create a series of sites and connect them under the hub website owned by Komet Enterprises.

It will soon be taking applications for membership.  A small, one-time setup fee and only $4.99 per month, talent wishing to join will be screened and those lacking ability will be turned away.


I am anxious to get things running, but patience has served me well so far, so, it won’t be much longer.  In the meantime, you will see my material being published.  I am very certain you will find my work  original, genuine, and salable.


J Kris Halley,

Komet Kreations Enterprises

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